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Rounton Coffee Honduras Showcase | Coffee & Chocolate

The bean-to-bar chocolate industry has plenty of parallels with coffee - we wanted to show off that some of the world's most celebrated coffee countries also are producing top-quality cocoa. 

The Coffee

Hugo Hernan Lopez is one of the original founders of the Aruco Cooperative. He has been working with coffee for 36 years and his farm El Naranjo is 4 ha in size planted with Catuai, Lempira and more recently Parainema. With notes of apricot, butterscotch and a jammy body, it's the perfect accompaniment for the chocolate we've paired it with.

The Chocolate

With the help of Bare Bones Chocolate, we've found a bean-to-bar offering that showcases some of the best of Honduras' cocoa. This milk chocolate is creamy and luxurious with deep chocolate tones. Taste notes of fudge, raisins and double cream. 

  • £14.75

Ingredients: Ingredients: Cocoa beans, raw unrefined cane sugar*, milk powder,* cocoa butter*. *organic. 

Contains milk

May contain traces of nuts and gluten.