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Aerobie AeroPress Gift Box

Contains AeroPress and a Fresh Bag of Coffee

The AeroPress is the first coffee maker that combines affordability and simplicity with the ability to produce top quality coffee.

This is a true revelation in coffee brewing, and many coffee aficionados consider this to be the utopian tool.

This set includes everything that you need to be able to start making great tasting speciality coffee straight away.  

In the Box:

1 x Aerobie AeroPress

1 x 250g Fresh Roasted Seasonal Coffee

Includes 350 Filter papers

Packaged in a Gift Box

A fantastic gift for anybody who enjoys their coffee! 

  • £32.50

Brew Guide

You will need:  Aeropress, 14g coffee, 200ml filtered water, paper filter, grinder, scales, timer, pouring kettle, stirrer. 

  • Assemble by inserting the plunger a couple of centimetres into the Aeropress and turning it upside down so it stands on the plunger. Unscrew the filter.
  • Freshly grind 14g of your coffee on a coarse setting (it should be the consistency of caster sugar). 
  • Place a filter paper into the filter and rinse with hot water. This will ensure no paper taste will taint the flavour of your brew. 
  • Put the Aeropress onto your scales to accurately measure out how much coffee and water you are using. 
  • Add the 14g of coffee and then begin to fill with 200ml of the recently boiled water. After 30 seconds break the crust on the surface using the stirrer and stir vigorously to create a whirlpool, ensuring full extraction.
  • Secure the filter by screwing it on top of the Aeropress. 
  • At 1 minute 30 seconds invert the Aeropress over a serving glass or cup and begin to plunge until it reaches the bottom. Remove the Aeropress, serve, and enjoy!