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Zero Japan Zero Japan Teapot, Crackle Yellow

Universal teapot medium 450ml

The ZERO JAPAN teapot range is designed and produced in Japan by master potter and owner, Koji Inoue. His belief is that teapots should incorporate the balance of beautiful design, functionality and feel. Their pleasing shape and colours have the makings of a design classic and this, along with several functionality considerations convinced the Storm Tea aficionados that these excellent teapots are a great partner for our teas.

  • £28.00

The teapot handles are designed so that fingers don’t touch the hot porcelain during pouring. Inside each teapot a perfectly designed infuser which makes the brewing of high-quality tea leaves just as easy and convenient as using a teabag - but with much better results! After brewing the infuser can be easily removed from the pot but it may also be left inside after pouring the tea. This is ideal in the case of some Japanese and Chinese teas which can be used for several infusions. However, many black teas would turn bitter if left in the liquid but the easy removal of the infuser prevents this.


Most of the ZERO JAPAN teapots are dishwasher safe except the crackle glaze models which require washing by hand.