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Yagua Yagua Compact Bench Scale

With a great coffee, consistency is key. Imagine making the most delicious brew you've ever tasted, to then have no way of recreating it...

Coffee lovers know that a good set of scales are one of the best investments you can make. These scales from Yagua are great for all brew methods, with a sturdy base big enough to hold a portafilter.

Weighing your beans should also be as accurate as possible, which these scales take care of. When you're dealing with relatively small weights, the range of weights in a single gram can make a big difference to the final cup of coffee. These scales are accurate to 0.1g, so you always start your brewing on the right foot.

  • £25.00

Coffee Brewing Scales

• Capacity: 2000g with overload protection

• Accuracy: 0.1g

• Units of Measure: G/OZ/OZT/DWT/CT/GN

• Platform build: stainless steel

• Platform size: 150 x 150mm

• Colour: silver

• Key functions: Auto-Off (180 seconds), Tare/Cal

• Display: LCD digits with green backlight

• Power: one 9v battery