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Wilfa Wilfa Svart Grinder

Includes 250g Freshly Roasted Coffee

The secret to great tasting coffee is to grind the beans just before making your coffee. This home grinder from Wilfa is beautifully designed, and is a great addition to any coffee fanatic's home. 

Designed to produce consistent grind sizes between cafetière (coarsest) and Moka Pot (finest), the Wilfa grinder is arguably unmatched at this price point.

  • £95.00


- 250 gm capacity

- 5 different grinding sizes

- DC engine

- Timer function

- Safety protection against overload of the engine

- Adjustable grind size for steeped brewing through to espresso extraction

- Adjustable grind time for “set and forget” coffee grinding

- Intelligent grind basket

- Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre

- EU two pin plug (adapter provided)