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Tiamo Tiamo Coffee Dripper V02

In Brown

This dripper comes courtesy of Café de Tiamo.  It’s made from high-quality ceramics, and comes in a subtle shade of brown.  Around the bottom you’ll find a ridge that’ll allow it to sit happily atop whatever cup or server it’s perched upon, while at the side is a handle for easy manipulation.

  • £13.00

The pour-over method offers coffee-drinkers a fantastic means of creating a perfect cup in the most straightforward manner possible.  Just place your grounds in the dripper, add a suitable filter, and then pour over your hot water.  With the help of gravity, the water will slowly drain into the vessel below – absorbing all of those tantalising flavours as it does so.


This offering from Tiamo is designed to sit just atop a compatible cup or dripper.  At the bottom you’ll find a saucer-shaped ridge that’ll allow it to sit neatly without the need for other supporting structures.  At the side, meanwhile, you’ll find a handle that’ll allow you to pick it up even when it’s filled with scalding water.

This dripper is made from high-quality ceramics, and so looks the part.  Moreover, this is a material that’s capable of containing the heat from your drink for far longer – so you can be sure that the maximum absorption will occur as your coffee drains downward.

As a final finishing touch, you’ll find the company’s name in relief on the side of the dripper – so you’ll be able to find it even without looking!  Coming in a subtle shade of brown, this is a device that’s sure to look the part in your kitchen.