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Push Push Precision Tamper

PUSH is made in England, to exceptionally high standards. Its unique ultra-low friction base coating prevents coffee grounds from sticking, and the 58.50mm
Choose from Black, Magenta, Orange, Green or Blue
  • 58.50mm hardened stainless steel base with fighter jet coating
  • Stepless adjustments accurate to 0.05mm
  • Independently tested by experts - proven to reduce the risk of injury
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Precision engineering and design is at our core
  • £139.00

PUSH solves 3 key problems commonly associated with traditional tamping techniques:

Precision - Stepless adjustment allows precise setting to 0.1mm depth measurements, and guarantees perfectly level and exact tamping every time.

Consistency - Produces identical results from every user, meaning fewer mistakes, less variation between espresso shots, and less wastage.

Ergonomics - Designed for everyday use, putting the barista’s health first. PUSH is the only tamper developed with and tested by Ergonomics experts, to reduce the risk of injury.



The perfect fit for 58mm baskets

PUSH bases are CNC machined to a precise 58.50mm diameter, ensuring a perfectly snug fit for most ‘58mm’ baskets including VST, IMS and more. This precise fit means a maximised tamping surface area, which results in reduced channeling and improved extraction. Ultimately, PUSH increases the quality and consistency of your  espresso.

You’re probably wondering how a 58.50mm tamper fits a 58mm basket. Interestingly, most ‘58mm’ baskets actually have a 58.8mm internal diameter (+/- 0.2mm). Some tampers are only accurate to the nearest 1mm, and since a 59mm won’t fit, 58mm became the ‘standard’. PUSH is accurate to within 0.025mm. 

We’re yet to find a ‘58mm’ basket which PUSH doesn’t fit, but if you order one and for some reason it doesn’t fit your baskets, we’ll be sure to put it right.