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KeepCup KeepCup Brew - Cork Edition - 8oz Small Espresso

The KeepCup is perhaps the gold standard in reusable coffee cups. They’re elegantly designed with a premium quality feel, and as a result, make it easy to adopt the habit of living more sustainably.

As long-time advocates of the KeepCup ourselves (we’ve all had them for years now), we want to give you the opportunity to make the change yourself. As KeepCup say themselves: 

“We believe in having few, high quality things and using them well. Fewer. Better."

Press fit lid, lovely to drink from lid on or off.

Double wall stainless steel.

Vacuum sealed thermal insulation.

Drafted vessel for easy pour.

Hand wash recommended to preserve surface finish.


Designed for lasting drinking pleasure on the go.

  • Now £17.50

We recommend that you do not remove the band, even for washing. Hand wash and let the band dry on the glass.

  • For best results hand wash only.
  • Lid off can be heated to 100°C/ 212°F degrees.
  • Made from toughened soda lime glass – not unbreakable, but surprisingly durable.

Press comes with a cork band, soft Charcoal lid (pantone Black 7c) and latte plug (pantone 7528c).

Due to the variation in the circumference of the blown glass, your lid is hand fitted to the glass and may not be compatible with other lids.