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Felicita Felicita Square Temperature Control Electric Kettle

Brewing by hand demands precision, and having the right tools for the job is the best way to ensure that.

A solid gooseneck kettle ensures that you can pour your water with accuracy, brewing your coffee to be as delicious as possible. 

This temperature-controlled kettle from Felicita takes it one step further and gives you total control over the temperature of your brewing water. This way, you can experiment to your heart's content and get the most out of your coffee.

  • £107.00
  • RRP £115.00

Gooseneck kettle:

  • All designed with aesthetics and practicability for coffee brewing  Easy grip handle delivers comfortable holding. High-grade stainless steel builds better quality and reliability.
  • Multi-function Control Button  
  • Spout for accurate pour over  Excellent water injection can control flow rate, easy to pour over steadily.