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Hario Essential Home Brewing Kit (Black)

Home brewing getting a bit dull? We've got a solution, with this Essential Home Brewing Kit.

There are few ways of brewing that give you as many options as the humble Hario V60. With infinite brewing options, ranging from super simple to crazily complex - there's a method for everyone. 

With 40 included paper filters and a measuring scoop, this kit gives you everything you need to start brewing coffee with the best of them. We'll include a bag of freshly roasted seasonal coffee, which we'll hand pick depending on whatever we're enjoying most when you order. If you have a specific request, just let us know!

  • £14.50

Although the plastic dripper seems on the surface to be the simplest V60 out there (when compared to its ceramic or glass counterparts), we actually think it's the best choice. The plastic gives the best possible heat retention, meaning that you can conserve all the energy inside your brew.


  • Hario V60 black plastic dripper
  • 40 x paper filters
  • Measuring scoop
  • 250g freshly roasted coffee

Notes from the team:

The V60 is arguably the best way to get your coffee to taste as clean and crisp as possible. We've always got one close to hand, for when we want to really dive into the delicate details of our coffee.

We made a video guide on how we like to brew our V60s, which you can watch here. Happy brewing!