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Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is the first coffee maker that combines affordability and simplicity with the ability to produce top quality coffee.

This is a true revelation in coffee brewing, and many coffee aficionados consider this to be the ultimate tool.


  1. Aeropress
  2. 350 paper filters
  3. Stirrer
  4. Funnel
  5. Scoop
  • £26.95

Brew Guide:

You will need:

  • AeroPress
  • 16g Coffee
  • 250g Water
  • Filter
  • Timer
  • Scales
  • Attach plunger to AeroPress brewing chamber and turn upside down, adding 16g of medium/fine coffee to the chamber.
  • Place your filter paper(s) in the filter cap and pre-wet. Use 2 filters for a cleaner brew.
  • Place AeroPress on scales. Shake to level the grounds, then add all 250g water. Stir.
  • Remove from scales, screw on the cap and wait for one minute. Gently press until bubbles form on the cap.
  • Place the cup upside down onto the inverted AeroPress, flip it over, and plunge gently, until you hear a hissing sound.
  • Enjoy!