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Hi, We're Rounton Coffee Roasters

We're roasting a selection of seasonal Single Origin coffees, along with trusty blends and an outstanding decaf. Click the images below to explore!

What Do We Do?

Founded in 2012, we have built our foundation on working alongside people who believe in treating coffee with care and appreciation. From humble beginnings - journeying to Sumatra and wanting to change the perception of coffee - we find ourselves today being able to work closely with some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on being able to source and provide high quality, speciality grade coffees that are roasted with care and attention. Ultimately we try to think of coffee in terms of it being a fruit - a very sweet one, at that. We want our roasts to convey that sweetness in the coffee that you drink.

Who's Behind Your Coffee?

We're a small team who are dedicated to making sustainably traded, speciality coffee the norm. 

We have all made our way to the world of coffee from various different paths, and now are united with the goal of sharing some of the world's most exciting coffees.

Our involvement with our coffees get right to the source - often visiting the farms we buy from and meeting the producers behind the coffees we roast. Here at home in North Yorkshire, our Toper and Mill City roasters are carefully controlled by our roastery team, where we roast fresh coffee all week long. Our goal is always to make sure that the coffee in your cup does justice to your expectations, and to the places that they've come from. 

Coffee Of The Month

Coffees come and go with the seasons, and we love the different arrivals that to us throughout the year.

Here in the roastery, we’re constantly assessing our roasts, and our favourite coffees change all the time.