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Puqpress Puqpress Q1

Every tamp 100% perfect.

Serving consistent espresso shots is now much easier. An incredibly even tamp in just 1.3 seconds. With it's small footprint, it fits on every bar.

Simply plug it in, adjust the lower fork and dial in the tamping force to your preference with 1kg precision.

Ensuring consistency between baristas has never been this easy.

• Perfect level tamping

Makes every coffee taste better

• Hands-free operation

Higher output per staff member

• Adjustable force up to 30kg

No more complaints about RSI or wrist fatigue

• Everyone tamps perfect instantly

Save time in training

  • £553.85

Net weight: 4.0 kg 

Suitable for: all types of sprouted portafilters, single and double shots 

Tamper diameter: 53.0 - 58.3 mm (customised) 

Tamper shape: flat bottom 

Adjustable pressure: 10-30 kg (adjustable steps of 5 kg)

Cycle duration:1.3 seconds

Available in one version: Black/Grey

Approvals: CB, CE, KTC, NSF-8, EAC

Dimensions (WxDXH): 15x20x29cm