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Coffee Machines & Makers

Choosing the perfect coffee machine for you and your needs can be the difference between an average cup of coffee and a top quality brew! Here at Rounton Coffee, we have a great range of coffee machines and makers to suit both those looking to make the best coffee at home, and to suit commercial premises.  

We can supply coffee machines all across the UK and have options to suit every budget. So whether you are purchasing outright or would sooner lease, we have you covered.  We even have a "Lease To Buy" option, so the machine becomes your property at the end of the term!

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Our extensive range of coffee machines by reputable brands including La Spaziale and Sanremo means that we can provide the tools for more great cups of coffee to be served in homes, or restaurants and cafes across the UK and beyond.

How Do Coffee Machines Work?

Coffee machines and makers come in all shapes and sizes and can all have specific jobs. Depending on what you are looking for in a coffee machine will determine the budget and functions that you are looking for.

More basic models of coffee machines allow the water to pass through your chosen filter coffee. This brewing process can be seen as similar to using a tea bag in your cuppa.

Compared to more simple coffee machines which are usually perfect for use at home to satisfy your daily need for caffeine usually, fully functional coffee makers are a different ball game. Fully functional multi use machines, typically pressure vessels are used to ensure that the resulting coffee is full bodied and rich in aroma and has not lost any of its strength.