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About Us

It is rude not to have a website and to have a little bit of an introduction into who we are, and what we are doing here. So this is our version of the About Us part of the site. Who are we? Well first, there is me, David.  I am a mid thirty, (slightly) receding, with that comfort weight around the hips, guy from the North East.  I studied Chemical Engineering at Teesside University, and I have since spent my whole working career in Engineering for the Chemical and... Read More


The Granary is Open!!

  Our Mission in all of this is to create a beautiful space in a beautiful place, and to roast great coffee, and we want everybody to be a part of it… It has been a painful few months, our hands have blisters, there is dust in our eyes, we are tired from all the work that we have done… but to be able to look now at what we have managed to achieve with only a few of us hardcore workers over every weekend for the past 8 months!!... Read More