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How to use a cafetière

In a world full of tech, with new coffee gadgets released seemingly every day, something that has stood the test of time like this must be pretty great. In our roastery, we find ourselves reaching for the cafetière more than any other brewer. We're going to share with you our go-to recipe to get the most out of yours.


What can you do with your coffee waste?

Environmental Journal: Entry 2 So, I thought I would start with coffee – an obvious choice considering much of my waking day is consumed by thinking about, talking about and drinking the stuff. The coffee industry on a whole has some shocking statistics when it comes to waste. I will not go into them all as it is a little overwhelming, however, I endeavour to cover them all in this journal. For now, I will make a start with coffee grounds. Last year, the UK alone produced up to 500,000... Read More


What is the Maillard reaction (and why is it important to a coffee roaster)?

First of all, pronunciation: it’s pronounced my-YAR (named after Louis-Camille Maillard, who ‘discovered’ it in 1912). When it’s done right, it leads to brilliant sweetness, when done wrong, you get the bitterness we want to avoid in roasting. One of the key aspects of roasting coffee is manipulating the stage of the roast where the Maillard reaction (MR) happens. To do so, it helps to understand some of the chemistry behind the process. The MR isn’t exclusive to the coffee world. It is a key aspect of cooking. You’ll have... Read More


How Long Does Coffee Last?

Despite being a staple of nearly every home, there's a lot of confusion around how to store coffee... "Can coffee go bad?" "Where should it be stored?" "How can I keep it fresher for longer?" We thought it was time to weigh in and share our thoughts on the matter, from the journey of the green crop, all the way to your home.


How Can We Be A More Environmentally Responsible Company?

Environmental JournalEntry 1: The start. The saying goes “you have to start somewhere” and I feel like this has been a long time coming. Today is the day I finally talk to the elephant in the room, not just because it is there, but because it is getting bigger. I am starting this journal today for a few reasons. I will keep them brief and concise – there will be plenty of time to get deeper as this thing progresses.  This is my list: I am concerned about the health... Read More


How has COVID-19 Impacted the Coffee Industry?

by David Burton, Head of Coffee The last few months have seen our lives dramatically change in an incomprehensible way and in such a short space of time. Staying at home under lockdown and social distancing measures dominate our new daily way of life, with the threat of infection from the novel coronavirus still casting a shadow over most of the globe. As we start to come to terms with our “new normal” and with the lifting of some social restrictions, we can start to reflect and look at the... Read More


How Clean Is Your Machine?

A machine that hasn’t been properly cleaned and maintained will need repairing sooner than one that has. Not only that, but a dirty machine will never give you the quality of coffee that your customers deserve... We’re here to give you a few pointers on how to keep on top of your cleaning and show you what to avoid

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Nightingale Coffee – Our Pledge To The NHS

Over the last few weeks, we have been doing our best to keep local NHS services well-caffeinated. Given the circumstances they find themselves in, a good cup of coffee is the very least we can do for them. Back in March, before we entered lockdown, we pledged to give free coffee to NHS staff, from our two shops in Middlesbrough. With the support of Drew Rowley of React Nutrition, we had the equivalent of 500 coffees behind the bars.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to give all of these... Read More