Introducing… Ryan Hanley

Name and Occupation

Ryan Hanley – Account Manager

How did you get into coffee?

My coffee journey started when I was living with two South Africans who would drink about 100 cups a day and made me one each time – I would have them lined up next to me, trying to keep up! From there I got into commercial espresso, found specialty coffee on my doorstep with Rounton Coffee, and here we are…

What is it that you like about coffee specifically?

Coffee is just cool, it brings out the best in people and gives everyone a moment to enjoy. Seeing that little shoulder drop of relaxation from a drink you’ve had a part in making is just magic…

What is your favourite coffee origin, and why?

Africa, all day every day – especially Kenya. You just can’t beat those incredible fruits that come through. Although, if I chance upon a Geisha or an experimentally processed Sumatran from time to time, I won’t say no!

Washed or Natural, and why?

It used to be natural all the way, but there are so many amazing processes that you’ve just got to take them for what they are and enjoy them all individually. Washed, natural, and everything in-between – I love it all.

How do you drink yours?

How don’t I? I’m a huge espresso guy, but I take an AeroPress and a V60 on the road with me. If I’m in the same spot all day, I’ll just brew up a big cafetière using this recipe.

What is your proudest achievement in coffee?

The proudest moments are in training for me – it’s an amazing feeling seeing the people you’re working with flourish and grow their confidence.

If you were not working in coffee, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t in coffee, I’d probably be getting 9 hours of sleep every day, working in an office and wishing I was working in coffee…

If you could change one thing in the coffee industry, what would that be?

People’s mindsets on exactly what coffee is. I’d love for everyone to know how much care, work and talent that goes into creating something that people tend to regard as just a commodity. It’s more noticeable with commercial coffee, just even in the specialty world there’s still a lot of work we can do.

What do you do away from coffee?

Spending time with my fur-baby, Loki – a Shepsky. Aside from that, anything that can put my hands to use – I’m a very manual person! I’m happiest when cooking, woodworking or playing the guitar.

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