Introducing… Hannah Foster

How did you get into coffee?

I first got into coffee when my partner became an avid drinker and we started to enjoy it together. Then I really got into the huge world of coffee when I joined the team here!

What is it that you like about coffee specifically?

I think it’s a great industry, with people supporting people all the way from origin to cup. Coffee producers deserve a fair payment, a chance to invest in their futures, and support to produce high-quality crops each season. Needless to say, I’m very happy to be a part of a company that has these values at its core.

What is your favourite coffee origin, and why?

I don’t have a favourite yet! I’m still trying as many different coffees as I can. At the moment I’m really enjoying our El Salvador Bosque Lya – it’s got a wonderful milk chocolate taste that I recommend to all my family and friends.

Washed or Natural, and why?

Currently washed is my go-to. Mainly because the funky taste of naturals can be a bit much for me, but maybe I just need to try the right one…
How do you drink yours?
I use a Hario V60 for most of my brewing, it’s a great little bit of kit! I also enjoy a cold brew on hot days – have a look at my cold brew suggestions here…

What is your proudest achievement in coffee?

Drinking black coffee (haha!) I’m a big sweet tooth and I love creamy milky coffee, but to really understand what’s going on with the coffee, it’s best to drink it black. I never thought I’d be regularly drinking black coffee, but here we are!

If you were not working in coffee, what would you be doing?

My degree was in Concept Art, so probably something in that direction. I still create digital artwork and illustrations in my spare time, but I’m still working on improving my skills. I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery/confectionery business too… Maybe one day!

If you could change one thing in the coffee industry, what would that be?

The idea you have to be a coffee snob to enjoy speciality coffee – because it’s just not true! Along with overly complicated coffee menus, the exclusivity of some bits of the coffee world is just too intimidating for a lot of people.

What do you do away from coffee?

I create artwork and illustrations, enjoy movies and hanging out with my friends and family. Also cooking, baking and eating all the good food I can!

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