Event Calendar 2014

We try to get out most weekends to sell our carefully roasted coffee directly to our customers.  It is only at these events we can really get the feedback that we need to make sure that we can continue to improve our service.

We have been asked to publish where we are going to be, just so that you can perhaps pick up your order, or drop by and see us.  So below is a list of events that we know that we will be at for the remainder of the year.  We are always looking for other events and will keep this list updated as much as humanly possible.

August 10th – Farmers Market, Yarm High Street
August 11th – Hambleton Hour Tweet Up, Truefitt Pub, Northallerton
September 14th – Farmers Market, Yarm High Street
October 4th – Farmers Market, Stokesley High Street
October 12th – Farmers Market, Yarm High Street
November 1st – Farmers Market, Stokesley High Street
November 2nd – Cup North Coffee Festival, Manchester
November 9th – Farmers Market, Yarm High Street
December 6th – Farmers Market, Stokesley High Street
December 14th – Farmers Market, Yarm High Street
December 21stStokesley Xmas Market
We look forward to meeting you there

David & Tracy


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