How To Design Your Coffee Shop Layout And Workflow

By now you’ve found the perfect location for your coffee shop – your new home away from home! Now it’s time for the next big step – planning how the inside of the shop will look and feel… You can tell a lot about a place from how it’s laid out: the impression it gives to customers is not to be underestimated, but it’s also vital that you consider how the space works for you and your staff. Not only do you want the place to feel welcoming, and like... Read More

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Cold Brew Coffee – Everything You Need To Know

Cold brew isn’t anything new, however, it’s becoming more and more popular each year (and not just in summer)! It’s accessible everywhere and even comes pre-made – but there’s nothing like brewing your own at home. The joy of a cold brew is you can make a big batch and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks! This can save you time and effort when you want that refreshing cold cup to cool you down and perk you up. Cold brew tends to be a much stronger... Read More

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We’re Hiring | Roastery Operative

The Role: The Roastery Operative will assist in all elements of daily roastery operations. As the last link between the roastery and our customers, the candidate will ensure that the products that leave The Granary are processed and presented to a high standard.The successful candidate will be able to adapt and work dynamically to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers. The role is varied, comprising of manual tasks and communication elements.The Roastery Operative reports to the Operations Manager. Our Mission Statement: “We want to provide the best... Read More

T&Cs – Hessian Sack Competition

There are 3 prizes available: 1st: 1 x £30 voucher for The Only Weigh Out. 1x ‘Hario Mini Mill +’ Hand Grinder and 250g of coffee from Rounton Coffee Roasters. 2nd: 1 x £20 voucher for The Only Weigh Out. 1 x 3-month coffee subscription from Rounton Coffee Roasters 3rd: 1 x £10 voucher for The Only Weigh Out. 1 x 250g of coffee from Rounton Coffee Roasters. Open to UK residents aged 16 and over, excluding employees of Rounton Coffee. Closing date for entries is 11.59pm GMT on 7th... Read More

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Barrel-aged Coffee | What We’ve Learned So Far

Today I took our third batch of Midnight Harvest from its fresh oak bourbon barrel. With the gentle hum of the roaster behind me, I realised that this current batch would mark a more enlightened approach than we’d taken thus far. A little over two months ago, we conceived the idea of barrel ageing some of our specialty coffee as a one-off single run. Little did we know, there’d be such a demand for the resulting coffee, that we’d soon be welcoming it as a staple offering in our arsenal.... Read More

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What Is Barrel Aged Coffee?

It’s not every day you receive an email from your favourite North East brewer (Donzoko Brewing Company) regarding an exciting collaboration: “Now dude, fancy ageing some coffee in a bourbon barrel so I can brew some up in a batch of beer?” “Damn right” was the reply (or words to that effect).


Our Coffee Bag Recycling Scheme

We’re introducing a coffee bag recycling scheme, which you can be a part of right now. By partnering with Terracycle, we’re able to take in your used coffee bags, and ensure that they are given a new lease of life, instead of going to landfill.


How to encourage recycling at work

Environmental Journal: Entry 4. Oh, the bins… My laptop’s Google history is awash with bins. I currently have 16, yes 16 tabs open and each one of them is dedicated to recycling bins. I have even delved into the world of Pinteresting (if that is even a word?) recycling bins. This a world I do not prescribe. Recycling has long been the arch-enemy in my fight for total waste control, and at present, I am losing. (it is also bloody confusing). I am looking to purchase recycling bins for The... Read More


How to use a cafetière

In a world full of tech, with new coffee gadgets released seemingly every day, something that has stood the test of time like this must be pretty great. In our roastery, we find ourselves reaching for the cafetière more than any other brewer. We're going to share with you our go-to recipe to get the most out of yours.