Opening A Coffee Shop


How to Price Drinks at Your Coffee Shop

You’re on the home stretch! From location to equipment, to cups, you should now be ready to think about the very last thing – what you’ll be serving to your customers. The big question that remains is – how much should I charge for a cup of coffee? There are a few things to consider, but we’re here to help: Your Competitors: All of the calculations in the world mean nothing if you are not considering what’s going on around you. As with everything else in your shop, it pays... Read More


Coffee Cup Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

When you’ve found the perfect shop, and the perfect machine, it’s time to start thinking about the coffee you will be serving to your customers. One of the biggest questions to answer is – how big should my coffee cups be? It’s really important to get this stage of your coffee shop journey right, as the size of the drinks you serve will ultimately determine how good your coffee tastes. With modern specialty coffee, you can expect that drinks sizes will generally be smaller than traditional coffee shop models. Think... Read More


The Best Coffee Grinders For Your Café – 2021

We’ve said it for years: your coffee grinder is arguably the most important piece of kit in your coffee shop. You might have the perfect location, it might look great, and you might have an all-singing, all-dancing espresso machine – none of that matters if you can’t make consistently good coffee! Investing in the right coffee grinder is about maximising consistency, and also making sure that your staff are comfortable with the equipment they’re using. Here, we’re looking at some of the options out there, and what we recommend for... Read More


Choosing the Right Machine for Your Coffee Shop

By now, you’ve settled on a location, you’ve designed the layout of your shop – now it’s time to think about equipment! Your coffee machine is a big investment, but it needn’t be daunting to choose which machine is best for your shop. We’re here to help! Ultimately, you want a machine that’s reliable and can make great coffee – you’ll also want it to suit your shop, and be simple for your staff to use. The right machine will be the hardest working member of your team, and will... Read More


How To Design Your Coffee Shop Layout And Workflow

By now you’ve found the perfect location for your coffee shop – your new home away from home! Now it’s time for the next big step – planning how the inside of the shop will look and feel… You can tell a lot about a place from how it’s laid out: the impression it gives to customers is not to be underestimated, but it’s also vital that you consider how the space works for you and your staff. Not only do you want the place to feel welcoming, and like... Read More


Choosing The Perfect Coffee Shop Location

So, you’re going to do it – you’re going to open a coffee shop. Congratulations! There are some amazing times on the horizon. The first big question to face is ‘where’? There is a lot to consider, but we’ve got the answers ahead… The Area Take a look at what else is around you – who else is in the area and what do they offer? Are you going to offer something new? By now you will likely have a strong idea of your brand, and how you want to... Read More